Best Gili island for family vacation with kids

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by Marlin
December 20, 2022

I know how it feels when you plan a family vacation to the beach, but worry about the kids that may see something inappropriate or far above their age.

From all three islands, Gili Air is the best suited for families with kids because there is little to no loud and noisy party music around your hotel.

Another reason is Gili Air is having less visitors than Gili Trawangan which makes it also having less people visiting the beach as well.

This article will cover the pros and cons of each island for families to consider before deciding which one to visit.

gili islands sign
Signs on Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan is the biggest and most developed island of all. Gili Trawangan has so many good things to offer as well as some negative ones.

First off, I’ll talk about the negatives.

Noise pollution

Gili Trawangan is known as the party island. There are a ton of bars, clubs and even hotels that hold parties every night from 10 pm until you see the sunrise.

It’s fine if they do it without annoying others but the problem is the loud and noisy music spread to other places too.

This situation is really a nightmare for families especially if you’re with a baby or toddler. They will likely be having difficult times sleeping.

I have to note that not every place on Gili Trawangan is loud, you can always find peaceful places to stay.

Full of tourists

Since there are a lot of tourists coming into Gili Trawangan everyday, this means there are also a lot of people sunbathing at the beach with you and the kids.

Some parents feel bothered watching their kids seeing so many women wearing swimsuits at the beach. But if this isn’t the case for you, Gili Trawangan is considered ok for this one.

Gili Trawangan is the most visited island among the three but it’s not as crowded as you imagine. You can still find some private spots at the beach even in the high travel season.

Now you know the negatives, let’s talk about the good ones!

Offers many kinds of activities

Gili Trawangan has so many activities to offer and many of them you could not find anywhere on the other Gilis.

Diving, snorkeling, surfing are basic activities you can do on every Gili islands, and these are the things you can do only on Gili Trawangan!

  • Horseback riding

  • Spear fishing

  • Glass bottom boat tour

  • Visit the night market

  • Taking horse wagon

  • Watching movies at the outdoor cinema

  • Watching traditional shows

Better infrastructure

Thanks to significant investments by the government and local businesses, Gili Trawangan has undergone impressive infrastructure improvements in recent years.

Compared to its two sister islands, Gili Trawangan is the ideal destination for travelers who appreciate clean and well-maintained surroundings. Whether it's their hotel room or the streets they're walking on.

The island's streets are in excellent condition, and it's easy to navigate on foot or by bicycle without getting your feet dirty.

Gili Meno

Next to Gili Trawangan is Gili Meno, which is the smallest and has the fewest number of residents (around 500 people).

This island is quite deserted with not much going on, and it is the least visited among the three Gilis.

Unlike its sister island Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno is the least developed and does not offer many activities.

However, if you're looking for a peaceful and romantic getaway, Gili Meno is the perfect destination for couples on their honeymoons.

Gili Air

Finally Gili Air! Like what I said earlier in this article, Gili Air is the best island to be at if you’re bringing the family. These are the reasons why.

Less tourists

First off, Gili Meno doesn’t have that many visitors compared to Gili Trawangan. This translates into even less people going to the beach.

This can be a relief for parents who prefer less crowded beaches.

Decent infrastructure

It's not like Gili Trawangan, nor like Gili Meno. Gili Air has a decent infrastructure that is adequate to support tourism on the island.

However, some of the streets are still in poor condition and are dirt roads. I've heard that the local government is now focusing on developing more infrastructure on Gili Air.

Less noise

I wouldn’t guarantee but I can confidently say that Gili Air is noise-free. You’ll sleep in freedom without being annoyed by the loud music at the parties.

Gili Air is a balance between the two vibes, it’s a mix of Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno.


If you want to test the waters, I recommend visiting Gili Trawangan first to get a feel for the situation. If you don’t like the vibe, you won't be disappointed with Gili Air.

For your first night on Gili Trawangan, I suggest staying at a hotel in the center of the island. These hotels are close to the local neighborhood and away from the loud party music.

You can travel between the islands by using public boats or fast boats.

If you have noise-canceling headphones at home, they would be useful to bring!

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