How to order & get food delivered in Ubud

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by Marlin
April 1, 2023

There are a few restaurants in Ubud that are listed on Google for delivery, but most of them do not offer this service.

If you're satisfied with their menu, then that's great. But if you're not, like most people, there is a more convenient way to order food and have it delivered to your location.

We'll be using an app for this, not UberEats (as they don't operate here), but one of two similar apps called Grab and Gojek.

ubud food delivery
Ordering food with Gojek app

Download & install Grab or Gojek

Both apps are available on the App store and Playstore, just type in Grab or Gojek or you can also click on the links below to begin downloading.

Which one is better?

Gojek is more popular and usually has more restaurants listed on it. Whereas on Grab there are less and many don't accept cash too.

Sign up to Grab or Gojek

Once the app is installed, now sign up for it. Apps requirements are:

  • Local phone number

  • Name

  • Email address

Once you’re signed up, now you’re on the main menu. Watch this video below for a visual tutorial or read through this article till the end.

On the main menu, tap on GoFood if you’re on Gojek, or tap on Food if you’re on Grab. This will take you to see the menu or restaurants that are available in Ubud.

Gojek GoFood

Grab Food

Gojek GoFood
Grab Food

Scroll through and you’ll see the food and restaurants, to order just tap on your desired food until it says place order.

How to pay?

The default payment method is cash, once you place your order, the delivery guy will buy it with his own money and deliver the food to you.

You pay the food + delivery fee with cash once you get the food in your hand. The overall cost on the app includes the fee, so you don’t have to pay more for the tip.

Tipping is not required nor the culture in Bali.

If you want, you can also change the payment method to credit card. Some delivery guys don’t want to accept an expensive order because they are afraid of the people who are just playing.

Does he know where to deliver?

Your location is set automatically by the app, but if you think it’s incorrect, you can change it before ordering food.

Is the delivery fee expensive?

Food delivery fee on Grab or Gojek depends on how far they deliver. The average food delivery fee of Grab and Gojek is around IDR 10,000 (70 cents).

How do I know if the courier has arrived?

From checking your order status, the courier location and food being prepared, you can monitor the progress from the app.

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