How to get from Gili Trawangan to Ubud

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by Marlin
January 6, 2024

To travel from Gili Trawangan to Ubud, you'll need to take a boat to Padang Bai Port in Bali first, and then take a taxi to Ubud.

Your route will be
Gili Trawangan
Padang Bai port

There are a couple of ports in Bali, and the nearest one to Ubud is Padang Bai Port. Make sure not to head to other ports, otherwise you'll end up spending more on your taxi.

Gili T to Padang Bai
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Buy tickets illustration of a fast boat

I will walk you through the entire process, so please follow this guide.

Best Hotels in Ubud

eka jaya ferry
The Eka Jaya ferry

To get boat tickets, you can choose between doing it online or at the office. I suggest going for the online option because it's always cheaper.

There's competition among different boat companies online, so you can easily compare prices and find the best deal.

Get your tickets online 👇🏻
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If you don't have a credit card or just don't feel like doing it online, here's where you can find them:

Curious about the best choice? Take a look at the top pick according to ratings in the table.

Prices & departure times are subject to change
Company Price Departure Rating
Gili Gili IDR 350,000 10:30 • 12:30 4.3
Wijaya Perkasa IDR 235,000 09:00 • 10:40 4.3
Eka Jaya IDR 450,000 11:00 • 13:30 3.5
Ganggari IDR 210,000 09:30 • 11:30 N/A

There are a lot of boat companies, and above are some of them. The boat tickets from Gili Trawangan to Padang Bai port range from IDR 200,000 to IDR 450,000, with departures available from 9 am to 3:30 pm.

ubud ricefields
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Once you've got your tickets, just go with the flow and follow the instructions until you reach Padang Bai port.

When you hop on the boat, consider grabbing a seat towards the back near a door.

Those upfront might feel a bit queasy with the waves, and being close to a door means a speedy exit just in case the boat decides to play Titanic.

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When you reach Padang Bai port and step off the boat, you might notice there aren't many taxis cruising around because the area's kinda controlled by a group.

No worries! Just give them a call and they'll pick you up. The go-to taxi here is Bluebird, and you can ring them up using their app.

Download Bluebird app

Or if you don't want to wait, you can take the local taxi instead. Just walk down the street and as you walk you'll find taxi drivers asking you for a ride.

The cost to get to Ubud from Padang Bai port is IDR 400,000 for any taxi.

If you go for a local taxi, be sure to negotiate the price upfront since they don't use meters. Otherwise, you might end up being charged more.

Have a safe trip and enjoy every moment of your vacation!

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