5 Reasons why Ubud is family friendly

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by Marlin
March 26, 2023

Worrying about your kids seeing women with inappropriate dresses? Or meeting drunk college kids on the street? Let’s see why these are almost unlikely to happen in Ubud.

Ubud is considered as the most family friendly destination in Bali because it doesn’t have a beach, has the least number of bars, and all attractions are kid friendly.

Read through this article for a more detailed explanation.

is ubud good for families
Ubud scenery

Attractions are family friendly

Unlike the majority of places in Bali which offer the beaches as the main course, Ubud is kind of unique. Attractions in Ubud fall into two categories which are culture and nature.

Here are some of them:

  • Tegalalang rice fields

  • Campuhan ridge walk

  • Monkey forest

  • Saraswati temple

  • Goa gajah temple

Tegalalang rice fields

The famous rice terraces in Ubud which you can enjoy directly or from nearby places such as restaurants or hotels.

tegalalang rice fields
Tegalalang rice fields
tegalalang rice fields
Tegalalang rice fields
tegalalang rice fields
Tegalalang rice fields

This place is located in a rural area, and generally safe from women wearing revealing clothing.

However, some hotels have a beach club with pools, and guests wearing inappropriate dress may be present.

If you bring kids, they will likely want to play around the paddies rather than sit at a restaurant, and that is the best way to enjoy the area.

Campuhan ridge walk

A walking trail in the middle of the field. People like to walk through it for fun and for Instagram. It would be really strange to see a drunk guy if you’re here.

campuhan ridge walk
Campuhan ridge walk
campuhan ridge walk
Campuhan ridge walk
campuhan ridge walk
Campuhan ridge walk

Assume that you’re walking at a park with your family, that is what it’s going to be like walking through the Campuhan ridge.

Monkey forest

The monkey sanctuary or monkey forest is another good place to visit with your family! They also call it the sacred monkey forest because there are a few temples inside the area as well.

monkey forest
Monkey forest

To get in, visitors have to be in a proper dress in order to show respect to the temples. It’s not allowed to bring alcohol or even get drunk! So it’s super safe to bring the kids here.

Saraswati temple

Another temple located in the center of Ubud center. This temple is not somewhere in the middle of the forest but literally by the main street.

saraswati temple
Saraswati temple
saraswati temple
Saraswati temple

The temple is part of a restaurant, and as you may already know, anything related to sacred places in Bali is strictly against what we have been talking about here.

Goa gajah temple

This one is the strictest temple to get in. There are a few rules to follow before someone is allowed to visit it. The rules are:

  • You have to dress properly

  • You have to wear the traditional skirt called sarung

  • Women who are on a period not allowed to get in

elephant cave
Elephant cave

Proper dressing is enough with just a t-shirt and long pants. The point is to cover as much skin as possible. Don’t worry about the skirt, they have it prepared for you at the entrance gate.

And for menstruating women you just have to tell, they won’t check you out 🤪 so don’t worry.

As you can already tell, this is a very good sign for family travelers.

Less bars & night clubs

Talking about the nightlife, Ubud is a no-go place for those who look for an overnight party. Ubud doesn’t have that many clubs or bars.

In fact, most of the bars are located away from the main street where most tourists are. What this means is that it's super rare to see a drunk guy walking down the street in Ubud.

Another thing is most college kids or the youngsters don’t go to Ubud, they prefer Canggu or Seminyak which are the hippest places in Bali right now with a ton of clubs scattered all around the corner.

Locals are religious

Locals in Ubud are known for their religiousness more than other places in Bali. This means that local people in Ubud are keeping their home away from all kinds of adult stuff.

There is an unofficial rule when it comes to dressing in Ubud or Bali in general. Tourists are expected to wear a t-shirt that covers the entire top from under the neck down to the belly.

Female tourists don’t have to wear long pants but are expected to do so. Shorts are expected to be at least just above the knee.

In 2022 a Russian influencer was deported back to Russia after posing without wearing any clothes around a 700 years old sacred tree.

Still in the same year, an Australian man was ordered to pray for forgiveness after climbing and taking selfies at a sacred tree.

The main street Ubud is where you would find a lot of tourists walking down the street. Usually, when someone is wearing less they will immediately be told by the locals, except in clubs. So you don’t have to worry about bringing your kids here.

Many new things for kids to see

Beaches are almost everywhere and have been the mainstream destination when people visit Bali. Ubud gives you many new things that you'll be less likely to find anywhere else in Bali or maybe around your place too.

Ancient temples, culture rich museums and beautiful environment of nature in Ubud could be something new for the kids to see or experience.

Adventurous activities

Ubud also provides some adventurous activities such as touring with ATV’s, rafting on the river, cycling through the forest and many more.

Coastal areas in Bali may give you the beautiful white sand beach and sometimes coupled with the crystal clear water. Ubud doesn’t have a beach but there’s a ton of epic activities you can do here as well.

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